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Standard Weights Suppliers in Saudi Arabia & UAE

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) are amongst the top producers Crude oil in the World apart from United States of America and Russia. Over the years, Saudi Arabia and UAE have invested heavily behind the quality of their produce and this has indirectly helped in generation of lot of employment and business opportunities both in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Moreover, production of Crude of Oil is a complex process and you need every instruments to perform with 100% efficiency when put in use. This requires regular maintenance and calibration of each and every measuring instruments. This has given rise to number of Calibration Laboratories both in Saudi Arabia and UAE. These labs requires ISO 17025 Accreditation as per the statutory requirements. Under this programme every instrument purchased should be backed by sufficient documentation like Calibration Certificate from ISO 17025 Accredited Lab only and valid warranty certificate etc.

V CARE IMPEX are the Standard Weights Suppliers in Saudi Arabia & UAE since long time now. It won't be wrong to say that V CARE IMPEX owns a significant market share as far as supply of Standard Weights and Calibration weights are concerned. Also, our brand "VCI PRECI" has become a popular brand in these countries. Our instruments goes through rigorous quality checks before they are sold to our clients and in market.

V CARE IMPEX manufactures and exports Standard Weights of all Classes viz, E1 Class Weights, E2 Class Weights, F1 Class Weights, F2 Class Weights and M1 Class Weights to Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries. You can know more about these products by checking our website.

For any requirements pertaining to Standard Weights, Weight Box and Calibration Weights please mail us on



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