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About Our Test Weights

One Stop Solution to your Weighing Requirements

We manufacture Standard Weights for the calibration of all types of Weighing Scales. One can use our Test Weights to calibrate Analytical Balance or any Digital Weight Machine or Weighing Balance. 


Our Standard Weights are widely used for Calibration and Testing purpose in majority of the Science Labs, Calibration Laboratories and all major manufacturing industries for their weighing balances.

Upholding industry standards, incorporating the latest innovations and meeting with our consumers’ requirements, our wide range of Calibration Weights and SS Weights are manufactured to cater to particular needs that arise in high accuracy calibration job. We have clients from Denmark, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, U.S.A, U.K., United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe and many more... who has bestowed their Greetings on us for providing them quality Scale Weights and quality after sales service for their Weighing application. 

We sell all our Weight Box and Test Weights under "VCI PRECI" Registered brand name exclusively owned by V CARE IMPEX.

Below is the List of Weight Box & Lab Weights we manufacture:

To Understand the different OIML Class of weights, please refer to the Calibration Weight Class Chart here. 

Apart from Calibration Weights, we also manufacture other SS Weights such as Hook Weights and Slotted Weights. We also supply Lab Equipments such as Weighing Balances, Laboratory Instruments for Lab, Scientific instruments required in Science Lab and Calibration Services as part of our value added services. We have tied up with Best Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in the industry to provide quality Scientific Instruments to our clients.

Industry Applications

Products manufactured by V CARE IMPEX can be looked into either by their use or by industry as given below



  • Calibration and Testing Labs.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies.

  • Chemical Companies.

  • Food Companies.

  • R&D Labs.

  • Aviation Companies.

  • Government Institutions.

  • Construction Industry.

  • Cement Companies.

  • Oil, Gas & Power Sector.

All Laboratory Weights and Precision Mass Standards shall be supplied with NABL Calibration Certificate from ISO 17025:2005 or ISO 17025:2017 accredited NABL Lab. Test Weights with NABL Calibration Certificate are universally acceptable in all countries, companies and amongst government institutions. 


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