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Microscope in Laboratory


V CARE IMPEX are the Laboratories equipment Suppliers for Science Lab. We supply Laboratory Instruments and Scientific Instruments for Laboratories. Our aim is to provide ONE STOP SOLUTION to all our customers for their Laboratory needs. We provide Quality Certified items to all our customers.


Following Lab Equipments we supply:

  • Weighing Balances & Weighing Scales.

  • Micro Balances.

  • Semi Micro Balances.

  • Analytical Balances.

  • Precision Balances.

  • Moisture Balances.

  • Hot Air Ovens.

  • Incubators.

  • Hot Plates.

  • Water Bath.

  • pH Meter.

  • UV Cabinets and many more.

We take utmost care in supplying Scientific instruments to our customers. We tie up with the companies for supply of this scientific instruments who qualifies in our top priority criteria of Quality, After Sales Service and authenticity of the brand. We have built our reputation on the basis of above 3 Top criteria only.


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