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Analytical Weighing Balances

V CARE IMPEX is the leading Exporter and Suppliers of Analytical Balances in India. Based in Mumbai, we have expertise to provide One Stop Weighing Solution to all our Client needs. Analytical Balances are used in R&D, QC and chemistry labs for testing of valuable samples. Readability for Analytical Balance is 0.1 mg and hence quite often it is also denoted as 0.1 mg Weighing balance as well. 

Analytical Balances are available in both - Internal Calibration and External Calibration. 

We offer capacity of 60 g, 120 g, 220 g, 300 g and 320 g with 0.1 mg readability in Analytical Balances.

We generally promote 2 Brands in Analytical Balances category viz; ACZET & SHIMADZU. This gives our client option to either opt for Indian Brand or a good International Brand. 

To get the quote, please get in touch with us.


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