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E2 Class Weight Box

Based in Mumbai,  V CARE IMPEX is one of the most trusted manufacturer for E2 Class Weight Box and E2 Class Weights in India. E2 Class Weight Box is used for Calibrating Weighing Balances with high readability values such as Micro and Semi Micro Balances.

PRODUCT CODE: VCI-E2-1mg to 200g


  • Available in the Sets of 23 Nos. and also Single Weights as per customer requirements.

  • Customized sets also Available on request.

  • Standard Weight Box includes Weight Sets from 1 mg o 200 g (23 Nos. Set).

  • 1 mg to 500 mg (Milligram Weights) shall be Wire Type and 1 g to 20 Kg shall be Cylindrical Knob Type.

  • Generally, we use E2 Class Weight Box for Calibration of Semi Micro and Micro Balances.  

  • All Weights shall be Calibrated from NABL Accredited Lab having ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation.

  • E2 Class Weights ranging from 500 g to 20 Kg also Available.

  • All Weights are as per OIML - R111 Standards.

  • All Weights shall be made from Single Block of S.S. and shall be mirrored polished.

Shapes Available

  • Triangle Shape for 1 mg, 10 mg and 100 mg Weight.

  • Square Shape for 2 mg, 20 mg and 200 mg Weight.

  • Pentagon Shape for 5 mg, 50 mg and 500 mg Weight.

  • Cylindrical Knob Type Available for 1 g to 20 Kg Weights.


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