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Fight of Pharmaceutical Companies Amidst COVID 19 Crisis

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Already 11 months since the official outbreak took place of COVID 19 and later turned into pandemic have passed. Still the whole world is reeling from the Chaos of the COVID 19 pandemic. While most of us are trying to find ways to get going with this new way of life, there are some who just can't afford to slow down or take any break at this crucial moment. Certainly, our healthcare workers, our government officials, our supply chain workers, our utilities, our essential businesses – all are working day in and day out to serve under such intense pressure.

Pharmaceutical research institutes and manufacturers have geared up with a new zeal in response to this unexpected, invisible enemy even though they are under enormous pressure. And this has probably also resulted in some amazing achievements in the whole Pharmaceutical industry. We have been witnessing innovations and discoveries to help mankind during this pandemic. We have Pharma companies who have rolled up their sleeves in manufacturing Vaccines, potential testing kits, ventilators and safety items.

Laboratories are working overtime running multiple blood analyses to separate infected from non-infected people, to get a better insight in the behaviour of the Covid-19 virus, as well as drastically speeding up the quest for a vaccine. These organizations are used to operating under pressure in an environment where they need to innovate continuously, to develop new products ever faster, while adhering to increasing regulations.

We at V CARE are proud to partner with several Pharmaceutical companies and research institutes who have built their world class infrastructure with our Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Weights. When it comes to R&D, calibration of instruments on periodic basis becomes utmost priority and importance. One of the instrument in this category is Weighing Balances. Weighing Balances are the most important element of any Research and Development especially when it comes to Vaccine Development or Medicine Development. Hence, accuracy of Weighing Balances becomes of utmost importance. Also, to keep this Balances calibrated, V CARE offers variety of Laboratory Weights and Weight Sets be it of any class. Our Weight Sets make sure the work in these institutes doesn't slow down as far as Calibration of Balances are concerned.

We salute our Pharma partners, and continue to serve beside them as we face this worldwide battle together.

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