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E2 Class Weight Box and Single Weights
Standard Weights Suppliers

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will set up a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR Telangana) in Hyderabad. The autonomous non-profit organisation will focus on healthcare and life sciences.

“India has a unique opportunity to spearhead healthcare and life sciences in South Asia. C4IR Telangana and Hyderabad will be a key player in driving stakeholder engagement, building bridges between the public sector and SMEs,”

As the first healthcare and life sciences 4IR center in Hyderabad, it will facilitate and accelerate development of newer technologies, including genomics and personalized medicine.

To achieve this humongous task, V CARE IMPEX brings quality Products in Hyderabad. We are the manufacturers and Suppliers of all types of Standard Weights required for calibration purpose in Hyderabad. If you have requirement for E1 Class Weight Box, E2 Class Weight Box, F1 Class Weight Box or Even single Weights in any class V CARE IMPEX is the place to go. We are E2 Class Weight Box Suppliers in Hyderabad

To know more about the different classes of Weights, please check our website.

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