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Ever since our beloved Prime Minister announced "MAKE IN INDIA" initiative to give manufacturing boost to our nation, a fresh lease of energy was lit amongst the youth of this nation and everyone wanted to try their bit to contribute towards the same. #makeinindia

Energy throughout the country was positive and it was mix with Passion, Perseverance, Dream and Zeal to do something for the country. India managed to revive quiet an amount of ancillary units and start new industries after this boost. Soon India was about to become manufacturing hub after China. But inspite of these, there always seems something was missing. Lots of things were happening around yet it seemed something is missing and that was keeping us at bay no matter how we tried to climb the industry ladder. Nobody could make out, but still people didn't lose the faith and hence kept on working to reach somewhere.

Then came the biggest test of mankind, "THE PANDEMIC". Complete world came to a standstill and the most affected of those were developing countries like INDIA. Due to limited healthcare infrastructure, we had no option but to enforce a lockdown that would give government some time to make necessary arrangements to fight this pandemic. Challenges were and are unlimited, but what needs to be done is to be done. As the whole world is under lockdown getting overseas help in terms of imports is also limited. Whatever needs to be done its to be done locally. Indians are always in high energy and this time around was no different. Indians took this pandemic as an opportunity and many dived into this pool of opportunity to become entreprenuers and traders of essential goods and commodities. What seems to be so difficult, was actually a smooth sailing for the Government and the whole credit goes to People of India. Government understood at this need of an hour, no foreign friend came to help, but only our beloved Indians.

Many Indian entreprenuers without any knowledge and experience got into manufacturing of Masks, PPE Kits, Thermometers, Pulse Oximeters, Sanitisers etc and many more which till date we were all dependant on imports. It was these valiant efforts that save the day.

THE PANDEMIC is far from over, but our beloved Prime Minister understood the sentiments and announced another great Initiative "ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT". This is a game changer or we must say, the sentiment which was missing inspite of MAKE IN INDIA push. Even after manufacturing lot of items in India, consumers including Government never gave any importance to the product Made in India. All the importance given was to the product needed. That's it. But with this initiative we have the necessary motivation and expectation of 130 billion people with us. Also, due to LAC tensions, Anti China sentiments are very high and hence ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT becomes even bigger.

Taking this forward, we at V CARE IMPEX have always been committed to Supply and Export local quality product. Our weights are purely made in India and we give utmost importance to the quality factor. Even during the times when India market was flooded with cheap chinese weight sets, V CARE stood tall amongst all of them. We have always concentrated in providing maximum customer satisfaction to all our clients.

We are also open to give opportunities to our fellow friends who are interested in promoting our Laboratory Weights and Weight Sets. For more information about our company and your interest you can mail us on or log on


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