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What is E2 Class Weight Box?

Updated: Jan 22


E2 Class Weights are used for calibrating Weighing Balances with high readability values such as Semi Micro Balances and Analytical Balances.

E2 Class Weights are largely used in QC Labs and R&D Labs of Pharmaceutical Companies and any Company involved in high precision testing activity. These are also used as Reference Standard or Master Equipment for Calibrating lower Classes of Weights such as F1 Class, F2 Class and M1 Class.

Since E2 Class Weights also work as Reference Standard and Master Equipment, no lab gets the authorisation/permission to do Calibration Jobs for F1 Class Weight Box and Semi Micro Balances - Analytical Balances.

Also, please go through one of our blogs which helps you in maintenance of these Standard Weights and Weight Box.

Some nascent features of VCI PRECI E2 CLASS WEIGHT BOX are; its very accurate, premium quality and consists of all accessories including teflon tip tweezers, cloth to clean the weights and Gloves to handle weights with naked hands.

Weight Box includes Fractional Weights (1 mg to 500 mg) - 12 Nos and Knob Type Cylindrical Weight ( 1 g to 200 g) - 11 Nos.


  1. Triangle - 1 mg, 10 mg, 100 mg

  2. Square - 2 mg , 20 mg, 200 mg

  3. Pentagon - 5 mg, 50 mg, 500 mg

  4. Cylindrical Knob Type - 1 g to 20 g

Based in Mumbai, V CARE IMPEX are the leading manufacturers of E2 Class Weight Box in India. All Weights are supplied with NABL Calibration Certificate.

For any requirements please mail us your requirement on or call us on +91 9920107524.

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