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Years 2019 and 2020 has witnessed the worst crisis in Human History in the form of COVID 19 Pandemic. The whole world had come to a standstill in order to counter this menace of COVID 19. Indefinite Lockdowns, Perseverance of COVID Warriors or Heroes, Overwhelmed Hospitals and Masks being the new fashion of today's time were some of the regular scenes of this period. The pandemic is far from over. Vaccines are not coming anytime soon.

In this scenario, we needed companies, people and organisations to support Government of respective nations, healthcare machinery and most importantly to keep up the spirit of the common man. Here, V CARE IMPEX emerged as one of the front runners by working 24x7 to support Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, NGOs and Municipal Organisations to counter and support COVID situation by supplying essential commodities.

We maintained utmost care of all our employees by allowing them to work from home and made sure their contribution is maximum to the cause without affecting health of theirs and their family members. In this hour of need, V CARE IMPEX along with their partner HARTALEGA made sure consistent supply of Examination Gloves to all the required industry members. Also, we tried to maintain fair pricing throughout the pandemic.

Apart from Gloves, V CARE IMPEX also supplied Facemasks, Gun Thermometers and Scientific Goods required by Pharmaceutical Industry to keep the pace of supplying medicines on regular basis. We earned a sense of Satisfaction on each day and every hour during the testing COVID crisis as we believe we played our part as much as possible.

Even though Calibration Laboratories were either closed or working with 10% Capacity of Labour, we made sure all our Clients whether Indian or International get their Laboratory Weights along with ISO 17025 accredited NABL Calibration Certificate. We tried motivating our supporting industry and its members to support us in this terrible situation. Honestly speaking we owe them for everything.

Had this not been Joint efforts or Team work, this wouldn't have possible at this scale.

With this, we wish all our Associates, readers, clients to Stay Home as much possible and be safe.

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