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How Nitrile Gloves are Manufactured?

Nitrile gloves are made with synthetic rubber. Copolymer is used when producing these gloves. The NBR marked or nitrile butadiene rubber copolymer is prepared from different molecule bonding. Nitrile gloves manufacturer uses special copolymerization to infuse two parts of copolymer known as butadiene and acrylonitrile. These are applied to increase chemical resistance and flexibility at the same time.

The process for manufacturing nitrile gloves move forward as:

At first, manufacturing machinery removes any stain and previous elements from the formers that are shaped like hands. They are dipped into calcium carbonate and calcium nitrate solution and dried down.

Then those formers are dipped into containers filled with NBR.

The process continues after heating and cooling down the liquid on those formers to produce gloves.

The next come donning. Nitrile gloves undergo polymerization or chlorination. In the polymerization, a layer of polymer is added to the gloves. In Chlorination, those gloves are placed against chlorine solutions, either as in gas or acid form. These are done in order to make materials used in it stronger.

At last, they are removed from the formers commonly known as the stripping phase.

Nitrile gloves manufacturer has to maintain all these features when manufacturing nitrile gloves.

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