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F1 Class Weight Box Suppliers in Kolkata

V CARE IMPEX are F1 Class Weight Box Suppliers in Kolkata and West Bengal.
F1 Class Weight Box

Kolkata earlier known as Calcutta was supposedly the First Capital City of India. As a result it is always the most important city and one of the prime investment hubs for major companies. We have lots of companies coming out from Kolkata which grew many fold in all these years and some even grew as much as they become major conglomerate.

People in Kolkata have multiple interest in Business. Hence there is always a hustle to meet ever growing demands of industries in Kolkata. Just as for humans, if you provide quality food, water and lifestyle the performance efficiency improves, similarly is for the industry. If you provide quality products and services to them, their performance and efficiency will always get better by the day.

In order to keep up with this ever growing demands and needs, V CARE IMPEX brings quality Scientific Instruments, Lab Equipments to the people of Kolkata through direct supply and with network of dealers and distributors.

We are one of the prime F1 Class Weight Box Suppliers in Kolkata (Calcutta). Apart from F1 Class Weights, we manufacture and supply all types of Standard Weights viz, E1 Class Weights, E2 Class Weights, F2 Class Weights and M1 Class Weights.

According to our survey and study, Kolkata still has immense potential in becoming one of the prime destination hub for business. It is already serving as a major business partner for neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar. Hence, V CARE IMPEX aims to liquidate this opportunity and is ready to partner Kolkata for their needs and requirements of Standard Weights and Weighing Balances.

For any requirements pertaining to same please mail us on or Whatsapp us on +91 9920107524.

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