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Calibration Weight Suppliers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country located at the East of INDIA and has rich culture. Bangladesh is known for its vibrant history, ancient archeology and beautiful landscape. Some of the predominant products exported by Bangladesh include jute, tea and rice.

However, agricultural products are not only the rich source of foreign exchange for Bangladesh. Over the years, Bangladesh has emerged as the world's second-largest garment industry and the Bangladesh textile industry employs about 4 million people. Bangladesh textile industry contributes approximately 18% to the country's GDP which is a huge figure.

World's leading fashion brands such as M & S, Calvin Klein, Lee, American Eagle, Armani Exchange, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Zara and Gap import apparels from Bangladesh. Credit goes to Bangladesh Textile entrepreneurs who worked hard in improving the quality of their textile product and made it of international level.

Attaining such a high supremacy in the quality of the product cannot happen without maintaining your machinery and instruments. One such instrument which every industry require is Weighing Scale or Weighing Balance. In order to provide optimum performance, these weighing scales and weighing balances need to be calibrated on regular intervals. And for such calibration, Standard Weight Stones or Calibration Weights are required.

In the recent times, V CARE has exported a significant amount of Standard Weight Sets and Calibration Weights to Bangladesh through direct importers and resellers. Our brand VCI PRECI is very popular in Bangladesh market if they are looking for Calibration weights. It won't be wrong to say we are the CALIBRATION WEIGHT SUPPLIERS in BANGLADESH.

We provide complete calibration solution to our clients as far as weighing scales and balances are concerned. We have always received lots of Love and support from Bangladesh market because of which we always try to improve our product quality and services.

For any Calibration Weights requirement, you can even contact us directly on or Whatsapp us on +91 9920107524

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