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What is E2 Class Weight Box?

Make: VCI PRECI | Product Code: VCI-E2-1mg to 200g

We all know with the technology advancements today, we have different types of weighing balances available in the market. All these weighing balances differs in technology as well as capacity and readability. Some of the different types of weighing balances available are Micro Balances, Semi Micro Balances, Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, also Ultra Micro Balances and so on....

But, have you ever wondered what is the reliability of each balances being used n number of times? Like how can one be sure the results shown by any of the balance is accurate and that balance was in the right shape at the time of the testing? That's where Standard Weights come into picture. These Standard Weights are used to calibrate these weighing balances to provide the most accurate results and keep the machine in right shape. You can know more about Standard weights in one of our blog:-

Coming back to Standard Weights, just like we have different accuracy of Weighing balances available in the market, we too have different types or shall we say different classes of Standard weights available in the market to calibrate these weighing balances. These classes are E1 Class, E2 Class, F1 Class, F2 Class and M1 Class. Depending upon the weighing balance to be calibrated, one needs select class accordingly. You can know more about this in our earlier blog:-

Here, we shall particularly discuss about E2 Class Weights or E2 Class Weight Box.

What is E2 Class Weight Box?

Just like any other Weight Box, E2 Class Weight Box too comes with the similar composition of weights viz; 1 mg to 200 g (23 Nos). Detailed Breakup and shape of all the weights is classified below:

Weight Box includes Fractional Weights (1 mg to 500 mg) - 12 Nos and Knob Type Cylindrical Weight ( 1 g to 200 g) - 11 Nos.


  1. Triangle - 1 mg, 10 mg, 100 mg

  2. Square - 2 mg , 20 mg, 200 mg

  3. Pentagon - 5 mg, 50 mg, 500 mg

  4. Cylindrical Knob Type - 1 g to 200 g

The question here then arises how is this E2 Class Weight Box different than other classes of weight box available?

Well, as per OIML R111 - 1 (E) Edition 2004, "Weights intended for use in the verification or calibration of class F1 weights and for use with weighing instruments of special accuracy class I. Class E2 weights or weight sets shall be accompanied by a calibration certificate".

In simple terms, they are trying to say that E2 Class Weights are used in the verification or Calibration of F1 Class Weights. They are used as a master instruments if used for calibration purpose and should be backed by valid Calibration Certificate.

Furthermore, it also states that these (E2 Class Weights) can be used for Calibration of Weighing instruments of special accuracy Class I. Semi Micro Balance (0.01 mg) and Analytical Balance (0.1 mg) are normally rated as Class I Balances.

So we can conclude saying, E2 Class Weight Box can be used for Calibration of Semi Micro Balance and Analytical Balance.

Apart from this, these are also used as Reference Standard or Master Equipment for Calibrating lower Classes of Weights such as F2 Class and M1 Class as well.

Where to Buy?

Based in Mumbai, V CARE IMPEX are the leading manufacturers of E2 Class Weight Box in India. All Weights are supplied with NABL Calibration Certificate. We sell all our Weight Box under our Brand Name "VCI PRECI".

Some nascent features of VCI PRECI E2 CLASS WEIGHT BOX are; its very accurate, premium quality and consists of all accessories including plastic tip tweezers to keep weights safe, cloth to clean the weights and Gloves not to handle weights with naked hands.

You can Buy E2 Class Weight Box directly from us by sharing us your requirement on or Whatsapp us on +91 9920107524.

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