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What is F1 Class Weight Box?

Product Code: VCI-F1-1mg to 200g

We are the Manufacturers & Exporters of F1 Class Weights and Weight Boxes. We manufacture and supply all weights under F1 Class category ranging from 1 mg upto 20 Kg. All our weights are strictly as per OIML R111 Standards. All Weights are made using High Quality Stainless Steel Material preferably S.S. 304 as per the acceptance criteria.

Moreover, all our weights are calibration from ISO 17025 Accredited NABL Lab Only. These Labs we have shortlisted on the basis of their working standards, ethics, integrity and setup.

All Weights are branded under "VCI PRECI" (exclusively owned by V CARE IMPEX)

What is F1 Class Weight Box?

Different classes of weight boxes are available viz, E1 Class, E2 Class, F1 Class, F2 Class and M1 Class? Currently we are discussing F1 Class Weights and hence we are asking What is F1 Class Weight Box?

Primarily, all weights or weight boxes are distinguished with the tolerance they carry. These Tolerance limit is set by OIML R111 Standards. By this logic, E1 Class weights are the most accurate ones, followed by E2 Class, F1 Class, F2 Class and then M1 Class. As per the above chronology, M1 Class Weights are the least accurate weights or starting level weights.

To understand the tolerance what each weight carry, please check our weight class pdf attached below.

calibration weight class chart
Download • 160KB

Primarily all Weight boxes are used to Calibration Weighing Balances and Scales. Hence, in simple terms, one would like to understand what type Weighing Balances demand F1 Class Weights or Weight Box?

Technically, answer to this lies from customer to customer and companies to companies. Depending on various factors like Auditing requirements, Company's internal Working SOP for Calibration of Weighing Balances, Budget etc. However, fundamentally according to our recommendation, F1 Class Weights can be used in calibration of weighing balances under following scenario:

  1. Readability: 10 mg | Capacity: 1 kg to 20 Kg

  2. Readability: 1 mg | Capacity: 200 g to 1 Kg

  3. Readability: 0.1 mg | Capacity: Upto 200 g

Please Note, customer/client requirement might vary to the above recommendation as it is totally customer's discretion to use particular class of weights for their existing setup.

We have tried to cover everything in relation to F1 Class Weight Box and F1 Class Weights.

However, if you still have any queries regarding the same or have any new requirements for Standard Weights, please drop us a mail on

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