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The Material Price is High, NOT OURS!!!!

Ever since the start of 2019, we all have witnessed what we call as Inflation Catastrophe and the same continues in 2022 as well.

With the advent of COVID 19 in 2019, we came across Lockdowns and wiping of valuable savings, loss to human lives and what not. And just when we thought, we shall recover from this rude shock, came again was the second wave of COVID 19 which was far more damaging and dangerous. It not only broke families with deaths, loss of jobs and businesses but also self confidence of the working class.

When people started accepting COVID 19 as part of their life and the fact that it isn't going anywhere and need to start learning to live with it, the financial machinery took another shot at running. For some time it did, though already some damage was done, it was once again halted due to Suez Canal Catastrophe. Because of this blockage, several containers got behind scheduled, orders got delayed, cancelled and what not and eventually resulted in the increase in the prices of the general commodities. Prices of all the products started rising at the alarming rate.

Final nail in the coffin is the Russia - Ukraine tensions. Today, prices of Fuel, Energy and Metals are at all time high levels. We do understand this shall pass out too. However, at this critical juncture, we would like to inform you that we are with you in this. Material Prices are high and not ours. Also, we would like to inform you that we shall keep the prices of all our Laboratory Weights and Weight Sets unchanged till the time stocks lasts. Though, we have enough inventory to play around, but in this storm of panic-ness and uncertainty, you never know. Hence, we would request you to please book the orders in case there is a genuine requirement for Laboratory Weights and Weight Sets.

Lastly, we need to start believing in the fundamental principles of savings and investment what our Father and forefather's have given to us in heritage. It looked out dated all this while with the new inventions coming each passing day. But, all this catastrophes are the prove, no matter what, only our savings and investments can help us to live life with dignity and self confidence.

For any requirements pertaining to Standard Weights, Laboratory Weights, please drop us an enquiry on or Whatsapp: +91 9920107524

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