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Standard Weights or Test Weights are made from S.S. Rod (Grade SS 316 and SS 304) when put in CNC Lathe Machine. Thereafter Laser Marking machines are used to engrave weighing units on Standard Weights. There is a challenge to maintain precision of these weights as Raw material quality varies from Rods to Rods.

Final Stage involves Weights tested in our QC units for conformity of their respective Class viz, E1, E2, F1, F2 & M1. This is the stage wherein majority of rejections takes place and VCI PRECI is happy to announce that our rejection percentage is very negligible compared to Industry standards due to our State of Art Manufacturing Facility and Machineries.


VCI PRECI are the top manufacturers of Standard Test Weights in India.
Standard Test Weight

5 things to know about Lab Weights and Calibration Weights

SS Weights are widely used for Calibration of Weighing Balances and Weighing Scales. Hence it's important to know about them before use:-

  1. All S.S. Weights procured needs to be as per OIML R111 Standards.

  2. Different Weighing Scales or Balances require different accuracy of Standard Weights for Calibration purpose. Hence, it is necessary to understand which class of weights from E1, E2, F1, F2, M1 shall serve your purpose. You can connect with us on to know the best combination meant for you.

  3. All Weights should be calibrated from ISO 17025 Accredited NABL lab Only.

  4. Storage and Handling of these Weights is important to maintain its class and accuracy.

  5. Test Weights are often available in form of Weight Box and Single Weights.


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